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~ Rustic Charm ~

Educated, beautiful and rich—what more did Charlie Cooper need?

After the sudden death of her father, Charlie leaves the city behind to establish an art retreat for women in rural Western Australia.

The last person Jake Taylor expected to betray him was his grandfather. The sale of the family farm saw his hopes for the future gone, and Tom isn’t the only one to blame.

Not prepared for small town gossip, or the hostility from sexy Jake Taylor, Charlie wonders if some dreams are better left alone.

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~ Pathways ~

After her four year old daughter Ellie is killed in a drunk driving accident, caused by her husband, Flic’s life no longer holds any meaning. Her only desires for the future are divorce and to find a way of dealing with the trauma now consuming her.

Thinking a change of location is the answer, Flic leaves the city for a relaxed lifestyle by the beach.

Here she meets the arrogant and antisocial crime writer, Dave Raddin. Having experienced grief herself, Flic is curious as to what could be responsible for etching the permanent frown onto his face.

Tormented by the loss of her daughter, Flic discovers by helping a friend she too begins to come to terms with her own grief.

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White Moon ~ Renee Hammond Author

~ White Moon ~

Book Three of the Hells Gate Series 

“The one thing you will learn, little witch, is that I rarely follow the King’s command.”

There’s no room for witches in Tray’s world.

Two of his brothers have been seduced, battle lines are now blurred. Who is the lover and who is the foe.

But Tray doesn’t do love, which makes him the only one positioned to save his brothers from their fate.

He kidnaps the weakest, Dami, and hides her in the Fae village, determined to make her pay for her sisters’ crimes.

In the end, who is the one to pay.

Witch or Fae?

Available on Amazon, Smashwords


Rising Moon by TJ Adams & Renee Hammond

~ Rising Moon ~

Book Two of the Hells Gate Series

“One ass kicking not enough, Fae?”

“Not at all, little witch, tonight I’m going to even up the score.”

As the wheel of the year turns another quarter, Jet and her coven sisters are no closer to saving Akasha.

With each step forward the Fae presents them with another challenge to overcome.

But will Holt’s personal vendetta, to take back what is his, be the undoing of more than the witches attempt to rescue the girl?

A poison laced blade, caught in a conjured wind, is bound for disaster.

For Witch and Fae.

Available on Amazon

Dark Moon by TJ Adams and Renee Hammond

~ Dark Moon ~

Book One of the Hells Gate Series

She had teeth, and he wouldn’t put it past her to bite, so he loosened his hold, allowing himself to whisper in her ear. “Hello, little witch.”

With the kidnap of their latest sacrifice, the Fae have crossed the line.

Selene, and her coven sisters, are determined to retrieve the girl before the devil claims her.

But the Fae are just as desperate, for she holds the key to their success in entering the underworld.

It’s a race against time before the next Samhain, and both sides are determined to win. With the battle lines drawn, only fools would dare cross.

Fools and Fae.

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First up is Akasha’s story! 

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