Happily Ever After’s Do Happen In Real Life…

Renee Hammond AuthorI met a boy…as many of us do when we are sixteen years old. I imagined we were going to be together forever, but destiny had other plans.

I was eighteen when my knight in shining armour was struck down with cancer. Even when the doctor told us he was terminal I didn’t believe he would die, he was only twenty one years old.

So…we made the decision to have a baby, as treatment would leave him infertile. She was the most perfect gift.

I was nineteen when he died. And, although I was blessed with the most precious little baby, an integral piece of my puzzle was missing.

Time passed, and the sound of his laughter faded…I still miss that sound today.


I met a man…unexpected and completely unplanned. He made me laugh, and held me when I cried, and he loved my little girl as his own. We were blessed the day he came into our lives, and continue to be until this day.

Our family has grown to six. Our little girl is now eighteen, and her laughter brightens the room in much the same way as her dad’s did.


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