Bittersweet Birthday

Renee HammondNever have I known another to love and milk their special day for all its glory as Ben. Like a child on Christmas morning he would tear open presents, fussing over each one or testing them out as he went. Remote controlled anything was his favourite gift followed by gadgets with lots of buttons and features to explore. Water skiing equipment, car accessories, pool cues…you name it, he loved it.

He was larger than life, and more vibrant a person I’m yet to meet.

Ben would’ve been 40 years old today. The celebration would’ve gone on for days and you all would’ve been invited, because there was nothing Ben loved more than a crowd…especially if he was the centre of their attention.

He was beautiful and strong, loved by all who met him, and he was stolen from this life too soon. Always in my heart, his memory lives on. The celebration continues no matter how much it breaks me to do so.

Happy 40th Birthday, Benj x


6 thoughts on “Bittersweet Birthday

  1. Wow Ben. Bet you are up there looking down with a huge smile on your face!

    Miss those days of beach volleyball ball and your (mis)-adventures!

    Happy Birthday

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