One Ticked Off The Bucket List

Renee Hammond in Jenolan, NSWI reached a milestone!

The past two weeks have been like a whirlwind. Between book deadlines, whipping up a last minute Latin costume, and a trip to the other side of the country, I forgot to share my news! After exploring Katoomba, and the magnificent Carrington Hotel, I detoured through Jenolan to explore the caves featured as number eight on my bucket list.

Not even Google was enough to prepare me for the experience of driving through this stunning terrain. The roads may have resembled those on the video games my son loves to play, but it was worth the ten years I’m sure I aged in the process.

The village was so cute and cozy, and would make for a beautiful place to retreat for a few days. This time I settled for a few hours, which was wonderful, but I would definitely like to visit again if the opportunity arises.

How are you going with your bucket list? Are you managing to get any of yours ticked off?


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