Women’s Fiction vs Paranormal Romance

Renee Hammond and TJ Adams Author


Falling For Autumn by Renee Hammond

As a fan of reading and writing contemporary women’s fiction/romance, and paranormal romance, I’m curious as to how other people feel about authors who write in more than one genre.

It is no secret that I write under two names, even if I haven’t disclosed my alter ego’s identity, and I generally keep my writing genres separate. With The Hells Gate Series due for release well before Pathways, Rustic Charm and Falling For AutumnI would like to thank those of you who’ve expressed an interest in my women’s fiction novels, for your patience. I hope to have news on release dates for Pathways and Rustic Charm soon. Fingers crossed Falling For Autumn will find a home with another fabulous publishing house…you’ll be the first to hear about it!

So, what I guess I’d like to know, is if you’d like me to write my exciting new paranormal series as Renee Hammond, or …ssshh, it’s a secret?


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