Collateral Damage

Every year when the sign up for NaNoWriMo emails land in my inbox I convince myself I’m too busy to participate. By mid October I weaken, sign up, and am determined that this year I will be organised with a plan in place, but no such luck. Instead, when November 1st rolls around, I am still debating over which storyline to choose.

For three years I have done this, and all three of these manuscripts have been contracted for publication (one has been released under my secret alter ego 😉 ), so the chaos has been worth it!

Collateral Damage by Renee HammondThis year I settled upon a story idea I’ve been toying with for sometime, and then I saw this picture on my Facebook news feed (at that stage my name was not embedded into the cover, so you can probably guess the rest). The talented Yvonne Less, cover designer of the Hells Gate series, from Art 4 Artists, created a design I could not scroll past. I had to tell this little boys story!

Within minutes Yvonne inserted my name into the design, and inspired me to add to my NaNoWriMo challenge for 2015~the pressure of a magnificent cover in need of an equally magnificent story, in a genre I have not yet explored, is daunting, but exciting.

This year I have a cover, a title and a genre~and I’m still determined to be organised, with a plan in place!

Outbursts of conversation, conflicts, and motivations have been teasing me all evening. 2015 might well be the year I get organised~there is hope!

A big thank you to Yvonne for inspiring me. You truly are a master designer. I love your work.

For those of you who are interested in joining the challenge of writing 50,000 words in November, head over to NaNoWriMo and join the crazy…ahhh…fun, and good luck!

If I’m super organised I’ll post excerpts and updates on my Facebook page. I hope to see you there. 🙂

Renee x


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