White Moon is coming!

Of all six covers, White Moon is my favourite!

Without wishing the year away, I can’t wait until the end of January when White Moon will be unleashed. In the meantime, don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter to receive another bonus scene from Akasha’s Story!

I leave you now with the blurb of Book Three of the Hells Gate Series, White Moon.

Happy reading.

Renee x

p.s. Stay tuned for story excerpts and the all exciting book trailer, produced by the gorgeous and talented, T.J. Adams.

White Moon ~ Renee Hammond Author

White Moon ~ Book Three of the Hells Gate Series

Super sexy, and equally damaged, is Tray…will Dami be able to break down the barriers to reveal the darkness trapped deep with him?

“The one thing you will learn, little witch, is that I rarely follow the King’s command.”

There’s no room for witches in Tray’s world.

Two of his brothers have been seduced, battle lines are now blurred. Who is the lover and who is the foe.

But Tray doesn’t do love, which makes him the only one positioned to save his brothers from their fate.

He kidnaps the weakest, Dami, and hides her in the Fae village, determined to make her pay for her sisters’ crimes.

In the end, who is the one to pay.

Witch or Fae?


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