Knowledge Overdose!

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Mid last year my marriage came to an end after being with my husband for seventeen years. Flooded with mixed emotions I fumbled my way through the months that followed. Fear of lacking direction in my life I decided to overcome it by doing something for myself.

Looking back I wonder why it is I didn’t join a book club, or take up dance classes, or something equally as enjoyable. Me being me, I explored my possibilities and came up with the idea to return to university, because broadening your knowledge is good, right?
~ I reserve judgement for the time being. 😉

Not wanting to settle on anything less than a challenge I decided to apply to do a double degree in Laws and Justice and Criminology. I’m still uncertain if I was in denial, or if I doubted I’d be accepted because three days later, when I received an offer, I was more shocked than anyone.

Only then did I begin to consider the reality of going back to university and how I might fit it in to my already busy schedule.

Two weeks into my new journey and I am certain I know what it feels like to be the class party animal ~ drinking too much, staying up too late and suffering an incurable hangover. But unless someone spiked the coffee beans, I’d say my hangover is more an overdose of knowledge, and my poor brain is suffering under the weight of it like an overloaded book shelf. If I manage to continue the five units a semester I have two weeks less than five years to go!

Writing novels will always come first for me, so if I can’t manage the workload I won’t hesitate to cut back. Although, I admit, the subject matter is fascinating and I love a challenge.

Renee x




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