Saving Romance for the Books!

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Relationships built mostly around online chat are not unlike co-writing a finely crafted book. A string of sentences similar to having a conversation, yet void of tone and often laced with multiple meanings…the never ending question of which way to interpret a three word sentence, as it may be detrimental to the future of your communication.

I’ve never been on a dating site, it’s not something I am comfortable with. I know many couples who have met online and have gone on to marry and have children. I take my hat off to them for believing in each other, and the relationship they formed, enough to push through and make it work.

I have engaged in online chat enough to understand the barriers that come with getting to know someone this way. In my experience it is not unlike being the reader of a romance novel in the sense that I fell into the role of the heroine and, therefore, fell in love with the man at the end of the line, constructed from words.

He became the light in my darkness. I opened up to him and confided more than I ever had to a man before. His messages made me laugh at times when I felt like crying, they comforted me at night when I was alone and unable to sleep. He introduced me to a world I’d not explored through his words and his passion for the arts and travel. I lost myself in the dangerous world of what if. I lifted the barriers I usually kept close and allowed myself to feel something more than I, obviously, should have.

And then, just like that it was over.

Thousands of messages, and hours of time poured into one final result of heartbreak. It doesn’t matter that the relationship was built upon words, photos, plans to meet up (which I might add cost me thousands of dollars I won’t ever get back) and at the end of the day it hurts all the same. Not to mention, it concretes my belief that in the future I will save the romance for my books…so watch this space because I will be sending all the love I have to share your way through my novels.

Renee x



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