Whatever it Takes!

At times when the words won’t flow, and my count is less than dismal, I turn to music for inspiration.

What I look for in a song varies depending on my mood at the time. Tonight, Father John Misty pulled me from a pit of nothing…I mean seriously, I stared at a blank screen for more than half an hour, then headed over to Facebook because chatting to my writing partner, TJ Adams, always pulls me out of a slump…writing related, or otherwise. Love her to bits, she’s the best friend I’ve ever had.

In no time she made me laugh when I doubted I’d even smile again! It was that moment I knew I had to suck up all the factors contributing to my lack of focus and do what I love to do.

Spotify, an app introduced to me by a friend last year, has become a useful source for inspiration. There’s something about music that sparks a light inside me and enables the words to flow from deep within.

It’s settling on the right song, at times, that can be difficult. My taste is what most would describe as eclectic. This works best for me as it means I will discover exactly what I need for the moment.

Now, whilst I’m sure this would be enough to drive anyone crazy, I hit repeat and let the tune play over again, and I find my inspiration.

Passion, voice, rich lyrics or even instrumental pieces contribute to my decision. Father John Misty’s Holy Shit has a bit of everything. And call me crazy, or perhaps a dreamer because the likelihood of it ever happening for me is slim, but if I ever married again this would be a hard song for me to go past if choosing a bridal waltz (even if it isn’t quite the right tempo). Ha ha, not very traditional, I know, but something about it speaks to me! Hey, this is coming from a girl who would be tempted to wear a black dress to match the black diamond I’d prefer over the normal white.

Aahh, to dream, to create…thank you Father John Misty for enabling me to do so this evening!

Renee x


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