Dancing To My Own Tune!

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This probably won’t come as any surprise to you, but I rarely follow the path in which others map out for me. I’m spontaneous, passionate and, at times, I open my mouth before thinking first.

That’s why, in the game of writing, I surprised even myself when I began trying to tailor my novels to a particular publishing house, or two.

With sentences carefully structured and punctuation as perfect as I could manage…let’s face it, my punctuation needs work…I would send my manuscript off to be considered by editors I have an enormous amount of respect for, and would love to work with. Without fail, I would receive a response stating ‘you write so well’…wait for it…‘but’

All it takes to shatter a dream is one teeny tiny three letter word…‘but’…this is when doubt in my own ability often creeps in. The praise for the quality of my writing becomes background noise, and the rejection takes hold. Constricting, suffocating as if a snake coils my body and squeezes tight, threatening to crush the life from me.

If facing a life or dead situation, I would like to think I would fight back, and it’s no different with my writing.

I am no stranger to self publishing, in fact, I quite enjoy it. For too long I have tried to be what I think the Australian publishers are looking for, and yet I can’t quite nail it.

The novels I have written, in hope of finding a home within an Aussie publishing house, have ended up contracted in the USA. I can’t wait for them to be released, later this year. It seems my writing style is better suited to the American market, and I’d be happy to send more of my novels their way in the future.

Should there come a time when the contract offers are no longer coming in, I will venture down the self publishing route. So long as my readers enjoy the stories I write, what more do I need!

Renee x



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