March Mayhem!

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Chaos! There is no better word to describe February’s influence on March, for me!

For fear of running out of time before my study commitments kicked in I fluffed about and achieved bits and pieces, but nothing substantial.

I also allowed emotions to grip hold and drag me down. Not something I’m used to, nor something I’m comfortable with. It’ll be a long time before I permit anyone to get close enough to me for that to happen again.

For the past month I have outlined novels I didn’t even know were waiting to surface! I have more projects waiting in the wings than I have time to write…I wish I could clone myself for a year, at least!

This is where I’m at, as the mayhem of March comes to an end…so you know, I’m caging the beast, so it never sees the light of April. 😉

* T.J. Adams and I have been making progress on Blue Moon, Book Four of the Hells Gate Series. Details on the released date will be coming soon. To get the news first, head over and sign up for my newsletter…it also includes the password to the secret page on my website!

*T.J. Adams and I have outlined our next joint venture! Something a little different. Fun, sassy and not at all what you’d expect! Stay tuned for more details.

*I have outlined a new story for a new publisher. Three chapters and a synopsis written…I will let you know how it goes. This is one of those projects I wasn’t expecting to tackle this year, but fingers crossed it pays off.

*My most exciting project for this year, so far, has turned out to be the idea I had for my novel set in London. It seems that this too has taken on a new direction, one I didn’t see coming, but who am I to argue! It’s been a real challenge for me not to abandon all other projects to get this one written. I can’t wait for May 6 when my feet touch down on London soil and the story can be unleashed.

*As you may remember, I shared the opening sentences of a new novel Removing the MaskPlans have been written and, now that the story has a direction, I will spend time in April upping the word count.

*Scrolling through Facebook, a picture in my newsfeed sparked an idea. How I love it when this happens! Another series was born, but I haven’t had time to write more than an outline, and the opening sentence. This is another project I am super excited about and wish I could share it with you now! (I can be really impatient with myself, at times…okay, all of the time! Ha ha!)

*University is full on! Lectures, tutorials, readings, oh my! I love it so much, but the workload is nothing short of a challenge. All will be worth it in the long run…or so I keep telling myself.

*I have always wanted to mentor an aspiring author, to help them to reach their goal of being published. I am excited to announce that I am now privileged to be sharing the writing journey of an amazing talent, and I can’t wait for her to share her stories with you. Another stay tuned moment…

That about wraps it up on the writing front for now. Many plans have been put in place, but nothing has been completed. I guess we all have weeks, or in my case months, where we work hard yet don’t have a lot to show for our efforts. The months to come will be fruitful, and worth the chaos, I’m sure.

Renee x


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