One Chance Too Many!

Renee Hammond Author

I often wonder if other people believe in giving second chances. And, at what point is one chance too many?

I ponder over a situation that has caused turmoil, sleepless nights and tears to be shed, yet still I have no answers. An opportunity from the past I briefly considered, but didn’t realise was available, presented to me in what I saw as a second chance.

In my experience, second chances bring hope, excitement and possibility…but do remember I am often accused of looking at life through rose coloured glasses! As a small child I fell in love with story telling and relationships of all sorts, and I’ve lived in a romantic bubble ever since.

So, when that second chance failed, I questioned how the shattered pieces could ever be put back together. I mean lets face it, life is not so easy as a jigsaw puzzle. We grow, we learn and we let go of what we no longer need. Shattered shards are stuck back together to create an updated version of the old. The same, yet vaguely different.

But, at what point do you declare you’ve given it your best shot and enough is enough? Is a third, or even fourth, attempt a recipe for disaster. A chance that should have remained unexplored and left in the past where it failed to make a lasting first impression.

I don’t have any hard and fast rules as to when I declare a situation has reached its expiry date. When I run out of steam and my passion begins to waver I know the end is near. By the time it reaches this phase, there is little or nothing that can be done to ignite what was once there. I guess I’m stubborn like that…or perhaps tiny cracks left between mended pieces are large enough to let common sense seep through and taint my colour of rose.

Renee x


9 thoughts on “One Chance Too Many!

  1. I’ve asked the same questions before, Renee. There’s nothing wrong with being hopeful, optimistic and second chances. But sometimes you need to come to a point where the situation is doing more harm than good. Your last paragraph sums it up perfectly – can completely relate.

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    1. Some situations are harder to gauge than others, and you’re right, when it’s causing harm, enough is enough. It’s the hope and my ability to romanticise even the most disastrous of situations that cloud better judgement, I guess. That fine line between reality and fiction…the joy of being a writer. Ha ha! xx


  2. I am a person who always sees the light in others, to my own peril at times, but that is ok because it is my choice to live this way. My heart is my guide and when it closes it is hard to open again. Thank you for writing this blog Renee.x

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    1. You’re welcome, Karen. I feel much the same way. Even after I close off I see the positive in others, but I remain guarded. At times, I think, to my own detriment, but we live and learn. Thanks for reading. xx


  3. The hardest thing to come to terms with is that sometimes no matter how hard we try there just doesn’t seem to be a clear answer. My only suggestion is that unless the people involved make conscious change then the past (and the hurt) will just repeat over and over again. I’ve been in this situation too, where I got hurt and desperately wanted the other person to change, but inevitably i realised i could only change myself and my own reactions to things. When i did that and let go i felt free and things in my life followed suit including the person i wanted to change. I now regret having spent so much time wishing they were different rather than focussing on my own self and the life i was living. The path we walk, unfortunately is just not always easy and provides so many alternative trails to take that its scary to contemplate which one might lead to something good and what might lead to more hurt. Whatever happens i hope you find happiness in the journey x

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    1. Thanks, Susan. I find mix signals the hardest to deal with. Blurred lines mess with my creative mind…does it mean this…or does it mean that…clarity would be handy, and spoken words rather than written toneless text would help, too! I’m too old for these dilemmas. Ha ha! xx


  4. Renee, I read this blog in LinkedIn and liked it enough to come across to your website. What I liked the most was that it can apply to so many different situations not just romantic. I am almost three years into a place I don’t like at all but I have tried my best for my family to make it work. Enough now and time to find a way out where breathing is finally possible.
    Funny how things resonate.
    I like your website. It is clean but draws the eye. I have downloaded your first in the series and look forward to seeing where your imagination takes you.

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    1. Thank you, Barb. Having spent years in a place I didn’t like, I can empathise. Climbing up from rock bottom is an enlightening experience, but not at all an easy one. I find writing to be a cathartic release, and I draw on my personal experiences to reach out to my readers (more evident in my contemporary women’s fiction novels, due for release later this year). Books have always been my escape. I find comfort in reading about women who make a stand, no matter how desperate their situation may be, and gather enough strength to live the life they want to live.
      I hope you enjoy Dark Moon, and thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I hope to chat with you again and wish you all the best with your journey.
      Renee xx


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