Too Busy is a Myth!

Renee Hammond Author

“Too Busy” is a myth. People make time for things that are really important. 
~ Mandy Hale ~

I’m too busy is the perfect excuse…I mean, who am I to argue, or you to argue with me, when the words are offered to explain action, or lack of. I don’t know your schedule and you don’t know mine.

As I sit here writing this post my list of things to do is growing. But, I made the choice to neglect all else in order to write Too Busy is a Myth! Tonight, this is more important to me than writing my Law assignment, or watching the next episode of Penny Dreadful, or burying myself in Lovecraft’s, The Dreams in the Witch House and Other Weird Tales, or increasing the word count of my WIP ~ I made the choice!

Think about it for a moment, as I have been since the above quote caught my attention whilst scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed. What is really important to you? and what measures do you take to ensure this “thing” remains a possibility in your life?

Writing is my “thing”! Besides my children all else competes for my attention. At times I may be distracted by a passing fad, but I’m yet to find a distraction important enough to come out on top. Maybe I’m easily bored, or perhaps I don’t want to dedicate time I could use for writing to some “thing” that turns out to be not nearly enough!

Again, it comes down to choice and what is really important to you!

Renee x 


2 thoughts on “Too Busy is a Myth!

    1. Especially as a student, because, too often, what is important and what you would prefer to be doing doesn’t always line up. Ha ha! The load is huge, but fascinating. I hope you’re enjoying your studies.
      Renee Hammond 🙂


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