Half a Dream!

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Tonight my daughter convinced me to watch The Fault in Our Stars, her favourite movie, but one I’ve been avoiding since seeing the trailer.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m good with sad movies and books (that’s predominantly what I write), but I knew the storyline of this one was a little too close to home.

The year I turned eighteen I didn’t go out to nightclubs, or attend wild parties and drink excessive amounts of alcohol only to wake up with a wicked hangover. Instead, I was caring for my boyfriend who, at twenty-one, was diagnosed with cancer.

As in The Fault in Our Stars he had a wish, and that was to have a family of his own. So, you guessed it, we had a baby.

Twenty years on she is still the best choice I ever made. Beautiful, intelligent and talented. She is everything we ever hoped for. But, far too early he was robbed of half his dream, and he only experienced one year of being a family.

Yes, The Fault in Our Stars, was a heartbreaking story, but it put into perspective how young we really were.

For me, there are parts of the movie I don’t agree with…it never was, nor will it ever be “okay”…and, on a pain scale of one to ten, ten doesn’t even begin to cut it! The part of the movie I will never argue…it was a privilege to have known and loved him.

Renee Hammond x


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