Hope for the Argentina Tango!

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Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor.
~ Sholom Aleichem ~

I’ve never really understood why bad moments, or periods, in our lives are written off as tests. I mean, does anyone really learn a lesson from being miserable? Or is it the polite answer to dismiss a situation with no obvious solution?

It’s no secret I travelled to London with apprehension. Disaster was looming, waiting for the right moment to strike, from when I stepped off the plane and onto British soil.

The inspiration for my trip was a book, tainted with the opportunity to connect with a man I cared about…and what better place to write my story and meet Prince Charming than in the land of Royals? It makes me laugh that even as an adult, having experienced shattered dreams and heartbreak over again, I would entertain such childish fantasies. It’s the hopeless romantic coming out in me…some cages will never be strong enough to conceal truth.

Life doesn’t always dance to our tune. Of course there are going to be moments when we move out of time, are too exhausted to keep up, or the tune changes completely. And, there will be times when the tune stops altogether. This is to be expected, this is life!

But, and there is more often than not a but, that’s not to say anyone has the right to mess with your tune in order to spike their own.

WARNING FOR MEN…block your ears and close your eyes I feel a rant coming on! 

The silent treatment! I mean seriously, what does this method of torture achieve? I have to admit that all it does is wire me up. Discussion offers clarity and leads to resolution or, at least, compromise. Why is this concept so hard to grasp?

Emotional whiplash! Now what is this all about? The constant push pull from one day to the next. At times, twenty-four hours will see plans and levels of emotion changed more times than fingers on one hand.

Lack of direction! After suffering the silent treatment and the emotional whiplash, to send a text message that leaves room for interpretation and lacks clarity is a brave, or foolish, move. Especially when the outcome is known, but the sender is hesitant to spell it out.

The use of a name! How often do we use first names, especially in a simple text? When one begins a text message with a name, not an endearment but that which is marked upon your birth certificate, the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention. Nothing good ever follows when the first name is used.

Dismissed completely! When one changes their tune to dance in time with another the possibilities are mind-blowing! But, when one changes their tune with no regard for the other the dance may come to a stop.

My dance in London will be over in thirty-six hours. What I hoped to be the Argentina Tango is currently a restless sway, waiting to leave the beauty and the beast behind.

Renee x 



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