What Do You Want?

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What do you want? seems to be the million dollar question of late, one I’ve been asked more than usual. So, me being me, I’ve been thinking…and this is what I’ve come up with…

Not any one thing will satisfy me, but it’s the simple things in life that stand out.

Ultimately, I want my life to be filled with laugher. Giggles and grins are great, but I want the side splitting, cheek hurting, tear rolling laughter. The sort that makes you smile long after the laughing has stopped…which, I must confess, I experienced tonight with my daughter. It was fabulous!

I want long conversations. The deep and meaningful sort that last long past bedtime…the lighthearted nonsense that often means so much more…those tips and bits of trivia that make me smile in wonderment at how a person manages to retain so much information. It’s mind-blowing!

I want to have fun! Not the go out and spend obscene amounts of money sort of fun…at least, not all the time…but the awesome atmosphere, great conversation, and loads of laughter, in an array of settings, kind.

I love to be around people, be it one-on-one or in a group, the more the merrier, so this too is an important aspect in my life.

Then come the aspirations…

I want to write and publish hundreds of books for you all to read, in many different genres.

Where does Law fit in, you might ask…well, I find the study of Law fascinating. It stimulates and challenges me on a completely different level…and, I admit that the idea of playing a part in justice being served is an exciting one.

On a more personal level, the question of marriage and having another child has also been raised…I often wonder if men too are asked this question when divorce has diverted the path they were on.

Being a firm believer in anything is possible my answer is quite simple…if it’s for the right reasons, then yes, it’s a possibility. I love children…my own most of all…and, should I end up falling in love with a man who wants to share the experience of marriage and a child, then I’d be more than willing. There will always be room in my life for family.

I want to live in Melbourne, Australia…with the intention to travel the world. To marvel at majestic sites and to share the experience with those I love most of all.

I don’t want to experience anymore heartbreak…or lonely days and nights…as per the song Hard Drive by Evan Dando …this is my Hard Drive…and I feel my life is in motion! 😉

Renee x



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