Novel Most Wanted!

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Have you ever felt the pull in too many directions, so much so that you didn’t know which way to turn next?

Well, welcome to my world!

As a creative type my mind rarely rests. I have so many ideas that often interrupt my sleep…this brings me to my latest dilemma…

So many novels waiting to be written…unnamed, but BIG, publishers awaiting requested proposals and yet I’m uncertain of which story to tackle first. And, then there is the opportunity to enter a rather appealing competition, too.

Focus is something I struggle with, at least, within the creative aspect of my life, because there are so many exciting pathways to choose from. I thought by narrowing my genres to contemporary women’s fiction and dark paranormal romance it’d make decisions easier, but I was wrong.

I find myself stretching the boundaries to include broader coverage, and although it entitles my imagination to run wild, staying focused has become a mission impossible.

Currently I am uncertain as to which task to tackle first. These are my options, and I would love to know which you would like me to deliver first…

  1. Falling For Autumn…yes, this one is still going. The storyline has been a challenge to get right. The balance between how sad is too sad has caused me to rewrite many times. I hope to have it finished and ready for the competition…closing on the 8th of June…but, obviously, I have my work cut out for me to get it done!
  2. Devil’s Poison…an outlined novel and the first few chapters I’ve been sitting on for a long time. Now that I have a BIG publisher expressing interest I’m eager to focus on developing it further. I would love to work with this particular publisher and don’t want to leave it too late!
  3. The dark paranormal novel that inspired my trip to London (aside from being caught up in what I hoped to be a real life romance) is mostly responsible for interrupting my sleep. I can’t wait to craft this novel beyond an outline. The only thing stopping me is that, currently, no one else is waiting for it to be written.
  4. Behind Closed Doors and Removing The Mask are both contemporary women’s fiction novels and delve deep into women overcoming hurdles and taking control of their lives…facing their demons…moving forward…fighting for the life they want to live. I love writing these types of stories, to travel an upward spiral from rock bottom, to see my heroine grow, to face her fears and to conquer. Inspiring and empowering!

These five novels are fighting the hardest to burst out of my mind and onto the page…the big question is…which one first?

Feel free to cast your votes in the comment section below, or via contacts. If one novel stands out as Most Wanted, I’m happy to oblige!

Renee x 


2 thoughts on “Novel Most Wanted!

  1. My vote goes with Falling But best of luck with all your writing goals, Renee. There’s certainly no holding you back! xxx


    1. Thanks for your vote, Maureen! Added to emails and comments on my Facebook page Falling For Autumn is the top runner, by a long shot. 🙂 It’s so nice to have feedback, an indication of which novel is most appealing to my readers. Knowing this, I will focus on delivering…no holding me back now! Ha ha! 😉
      Thanks again.
      Renee x


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