Skewed Version of Balance!

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I can’t deny that, thus far, my 2016 has been crazy! Rather than fight the chaos I have let it take its course, smouldering away as if the stump of an ancient tree after a bush fire. Roots buried deep beneath the surface, fuel enough to sustain the burning long after the flames have been extinguished.

As we move deeper into the winter months I embrace the elements that force me to slow down. To take time out and to be present in each moment, rather than rushing through life not seeing, makes for a pleasant change.

Hibernation may sum up my day-to-day activities, but it by no means sums up my thought process. As if washed away with the first storm, doubt is replaced with clarity. The steps to reach my goals come into focus, and whilst slippery, at times, I find I am often able to manage two steps in one stride.

A sense of calm has set in, my life is flowing in a direction I am happy and content with. I pave the path in which I want to follow and at the end is the result I strive for.

As a little girl I dreamed of a love like a Disney Princess, and although that little girl still lingers, I have come to realise I need so much more. I have four beautiful, healthy children, each talented in their own way. I have a stunning home, set on five acres in the Perth Eastern Hills. I have awesome friends who inspire me everyday. And, I have the career of my dreams. A man to share the rest of my life with is a minor detail…after all, as an author, I can create one with every story I write.

Wounds to the heart may not be visible, yet excruciating all the same. I have little desire to  let another close enough to inflict such hurt again, and whilst it would be nice to share this wonderful life with someone, I no longer feel the need to do so.

Through meditation and reiki I maintain a calmer, more productive me. My life has levelled out from chaos to almost balanced. Whilst perfect balance may be the ideal, trust is not something I will so easily surrender to again, so a slightly skewed version of balance suits me fine.

I am grateful and content with the life I live, I hope you are too.

Renee x





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