Just Add Passion!

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 9.37.13 pm

At times I like to escape reality! I often fool myself into doing so by writing, reading, planning new and exciting business ventures or getting creative with art…music blaring is a must!

Then there are times when I see through the fool, as I did this afternoon. So, I jumped in my car and set off to a place where the energy is just right and I’m welcomed with the biggest hug.

Surrounded by inspiration I enjoy chatting with one of the best friends I have. With her artistic flare and style, Michelle  has created a beautiful space to celebrate local artists and authors. Her support, love and passion is worth more than she really knows.

Situated in Stoneville, in the cutest establishment in town, Just Add Passion is more than just a gallery, but a sanctuary for lovers of the arts.

I hope you are lucky enough to visit Michelle, at Just Add Passion.

Renee x 

p.s. copyright for featured photograph is held by Just Add Passion





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