To Flip The Switch or Not?


Have you ever heard a friend or colleague speak about a person they considered to be a power house as cold-hearted, emotionless or perhaps even arrogant?

In my experience I have met a few of these types. Too busy and one hundred percent focused on the prize of success that their body fails to warm the blood pumping through their veins. As if cut off from emotional ties for fear of allowing anyone, or anything, to get close enough to attach like an anchor and drag them down. Barricades of razor wire wrapped around them to ward off game or foolish intruders who dare attempt to strike up a connection.

I’m an emotional person. At times I think I care too much. I get attached. I hurt. I get frustrated. I ponder.

All the while I’m entertaining the negative emotional roller coaster my productivity suffers. My energy wanes and my focus blurs, but at what point is enough simply enough? When do you flip the switch? As in the Vampire Diaries Series, do you suffer the consequences of negative emotions or do you attempt to turn off your humanity.

Having been in this situation, when I allowed heartbreak to hinder my progress, I had to make that decision. If only it were so easy as the television series suggests.

I structured my daily meditation sessions to divert my thoughts to those that were more productive. Through visualisation I cut the ties to the past I longed to grip hold of for fear of losing Him completely. I don’t see this as giving up, rather claiming my power as my own. Whilst I allowed someone else’s actions to influence my mood I was handing them my power and that is not something I will readily do again.

Although I will never be the cold-hearted and emotionless type, I can see why some choose this approach. Keeping others at arms length eliminates the risk of distraction caused from negative emotions. I, on the other hand, am content with finding a happy balance.

By living in the present moment, I am able to keep moving forward. My progress is not hindered and my future is shaping up nicely. My emotional attachments may seem strategic to some, but they work for me, even if I am playing it safe. I am blessed with four beautiful children and a circle of family and friends I cherish. Only positive emotion radiates from my connections, the perfect environment for progress.

There is nothing selfish about striving for your goals. There is nothing wrong with limiting your connections to only those of a positive nature. There is nothing wrong with being true to you, even if it goes against the grain of what others think (so long as you don’t cause harm or sabotage others).

Be true to you. Find your balance and chose the  emotional connections that you can manage, as you move toward living the life you want.

Renee x



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