Writing Prompt Wednesday!

renee hammond escapeEscape Reality!

At times, life gets the better of us and creativity becomes hazed…this is when we need a time out. What better way to escape reality than in a cabin, in the middle of nowhere.

Wide open spaces, with the glow of the city in the distance. It’s still there, but you are detached enough to leave all your worries, all that is clouding your vision, behind.

Outside, under this magnificent sky, you spread a picnic rug. On your back you lay, looking up at the stars against a harmonious backdrop of colour. They are not of one, yet they complete the picture perfectly. The stars would not be seen without the darkness.

You too are shades of light and dark. Draw upon the elements that make you a whole. What do you fear…step into the darkness and drag it out. Bit by bit, word by word, pour your darkness onto the page…and when the morning comes, let the light break through and shine on a new and brighter beginning.

Happy Writing!

Renee x


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