Two In A Week

ReneeHammond-72dpi-1500x2000-3 path_1500x2000_72dpi

For almost eighteen months, two of my manuscripts were contracted with a publishing company in the US. Due to a change of ownership there was a huge delay on the release of both of these titles, Pathways and Rustic Charm.

Recently authors, whose manuscripts were yet to be released, were given the option to have their rights reverted, for which I am grateful.

Over the years my style of writing has changed, I would like to think it has developed and so, working on both of these manuscripts with the team at Inksplotch Editing, required me to look at the stories from a different angle than I had before.

There is definitely worth in filing your manuscript away upon finishing for a period of time before you tackle the final edit.

Complications out of my control forced me to do so, and I was no longer attached to the stories or the characters in the way that I was upon first writing them. I was ruthless. Deleting paragraphs I had once loved, but no longer believed to be relevant to the overall story.

I am delighted that both titles are completed and will be available this week, on Amazon.

I hope you enjoy reading Pathways and Rustic Charm as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Renee x


2 thoughts on “Two In A Week

    1. So pleased, Barbara. During many of the writing workshops I’ve attended this advice was offered, but I was always too eager to send my finished manuscript off to publishers to bother to take it onboard. In future, for as long as I can, I will hold off on the final read through. Patience is a lesson I am learning. Ha ha! 🙂


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