The Wild Goose!

On the weekend my mum thought it’d be good to escape the mayhem and head over to the Wild Goose Cafe for afternoon tea. She discovered this place when she attended a friends birthday lunch and has raved about it since.

Although she explained the restaurant to me, I never expected it to be so magnificent. The atmosphere added to the rustic charm, and the owners plans for the future are super exciting, as I live within fifteen minutes drive of this place…what’s more, not much  happens in the Hills! You should’ve seen how excited everyone was when an Aldi store opened in Mundaring! Ha ha. 😉

Already Noble Falls Estate exceeds my expectations…it even has a wine dungeon! But, eventually, concerts may be held on the green, chalets may be erected and the soap factory is being built be on the premises, along with a distillery, which may see local aromatherapy oils available too.

Aldi’s did little to excite me, but the Wild Goose Cafe is my new favourite place! Never know, I may set a real life fairytale here after I, one day, research their wedding package. In my rose coloured bubble, this is a possibility. 😉

Renee x


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