Friday’s The Day!

Renee Hammond Author Dome

Friday has always been a favourite day for me. As a child it meant the last day of the school week and I often wound up having  a sleepover with one of my besties, to kick the weekend off to a great start.

After I had my children I dedicated every Friday to visiting my nonna. It was the highlight of my week. An exquisite lunch and fascinating stories of growing up in Italy, the war times and travelling to Australia with nothing more than the clothes on her back and a suitcase of possessions, awaited my arrival. She was, and always will be, my hero.

Since her death it has been like a vital piece of me is missing. She was my first point of call no matter the subject. She’d scold me, encourage me or together we would laugh for hours. I cherish those moments above all others because time with her is not something I can get back. She was a remarkable and modern thinking lady who loved beyond measure. I miss her everyday.

For a long time after she passed I hibernated on Friday’s, not wanting to replace our time together with anything or anyone else.

That was until I met my awesome writing buddy, Terina. We mostly meet in the Dome, but at times we sway from the known for a change of scenery. It is here we create some of our most brilliant ideas…and some of our worst. We eat, drink and have got to know the staff well.

Friday’s are never short of laughter, stories and food, not so good as Nonna made, but the vanilla slice is special all the same. I can’t imagine spending my day in any other way.

Renee x


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