Happy Father’s Day!

renee hammond author father's day

I guess it’s human nature to lose sight of the wonderful things a person does, to take for granted those closest to us because they’ve always been there, and we assume they always will. Father’s Day is an excuse to push aside everything else and take note of an important figure in each of our lives. To reflect on the good, or not so good, influences our father, or a father figure, bestowed upon us.

My dad is a remarkable man. A colourful past has shaped him to the father he is today.  Strong, dependable and, under the tough exterior, as soft as marshmallow. He is the one man I know who will support me, no matter my choices. He is the male in my life that understands and encourages my rose coloured thinking. He too believes anything is possible if you are passionate and want it enough. He has a great sense of humour, and enjoys life’s most simple offerings. A bonfire with friends and family is his idea of a top night out.

To my children he is the best grandfather a parent could hope for. He spends hours doing the things they love to do, teaching them, watching movies, talking with and supporting them. He is never too busy to take time out for his grandchildren and he is such a positive influence in their lives, for which I am grateful.

His lack of want for gifts makes me determined to find something that will make his heart sing, and the perfect gift I found. A night, not so long ago, my daughter took her new record player over to my parents house. It was like they were teenagers again! The joy on his face as the music of his past filled the atmosphere was worth bottling. So I couldn’t resist buying him a record player of his own.

In Australia, Father’s Day is tomorrow and I look forward to spending the day with my dad.

To all the Dad’s out there, I hope your day is as fabulous as you are in the eyes of your children.

Renee x


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