Four Months Since, But Who’s Counting!

Renee Hammond author of The Meeting Place

Four months ago I landed on British soil. Four months ago I spent the best day ever, seeing the sights of London. I was jet lagged, not that I was going to admit it because I was on the high of my life.

It was the first time I’d ever travel alone and completely for my own reasons. No courses waiting for me at the other end, dragging my attention from exploring the wonders so far from my reality. Two weeks of not having to worry about anything or anyone else, I was sure was going to be bliss.

Not one photo did I take the day I arrived, but almost every moment is still burned into my memory as if it happened only yesterday. Although, it all plays out a lot slower when I think it over…running up steep escalators after thirty-six hours in transit was no easy feat, I assure you. Two in a row near killed me. Ha ha. 😉

I loved the fast pace. I loved the inspiration of a city so old. I loved the relaxed and friendly atmosphere. And, I loved the feeling of being free.

Never have I worked to a schedule. Never have I danced totally to another persons tune. I admit to having tried, but that’s just not me.  Like living life in a straight jacket was the sensation of my attempt. I fought every inch of the way until I used my colour coded and exquisitely decorated schedule to light the fire. The truth is, I get more done in chaos.

Since my return I have been restless, at times, not unlike that of the schedule straight jacket. But, London is calling me, and I can’t wait to visit again.

Renee x

p.s The Meeting Place, pictured above, will always be one of my favourite places in London, as it is the first place I visited after dropping my bag to the apartment where I stayed.


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