Yesterday I escaped the mayhem to take my daughters to see the movie, Nerve. For those of you who haven’t seen it, there will be no spoilers here, so don’t worry.

The storyline is based of the schoolyard game of truth and dare, without the truth. You must decide if you are a player or a watcher, and then the rest is up to you…do you take the dare or do you bail…do you make the dare or do you fail.

On the way home, as we do after most movies, we discussed what we would do if we were in that situation. It came as no surprise to me when Maddy announced that she would be a player, and Chloe instantly claimed watcher, then their attention turned to guess what I would choose.

I humoured them, letting them come to the decision based on what they think they know about me…Ha ha, clearly they don’t know me well enough! Both declared me to be a watcher. Chloe straight away, Maddy tossed the idea around for a little longer.

As much as the sensible thing to do would to be a watcher, I honestly don’t think I could help myself. From a small child, I was the dare devil, the adrenalin junkie of the family. If there was a crazy idea to be had, it was mine. My older brother had the smarts to pull it together, to create realities version of my description, and I’d be the first to try my wildest dreams!

At the end of the day life comes with choices and consequences for the actions we take or the lack of. And, whilst I’m not going to go out and find a game of extreme risk to play, I do embrace the concept of living a life I love, one that makes my heart sing.

Renee x



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