Making A Move!


Thinking about where to buy my next house has been playing on my mind a lot of late. Never before has the decision been solely mine, so, whilst daunting, I’m super excited about the possibilities.

Melbourne was at the top of my list of places to settle, but after my trip to London I’m not so sure.

For most of my life I’ve lived in the Perth Eastern Hills. Whilst I love the area to bring up children, not a lot happens. I have an awesome group of friends I catch up with regularly, but essentially I’m a creature of the night, and the night life is not exactly happening up this way.

Not that I’m into clubbing, or parties every night, but going out to dinner and pubs with friends is a great way to escape working past midnight, as I have a habit of doing if I’m not distracted.

Surrounding suburbs of Fremantle and Mount Lawley are high on my list. The cafe strip and artsy atmosphere appeals to me, as does the convenience of being so close to everything. Besides, it’s not so far that I can’t jump in my car and visit my beautiful Hills friends every week.

The pull toward the beach lifestyle is also strong. Once a surfer, always a surfer at heart. The fresh sea air like a drug for inspiring ideas. I find clarity and balance close to the ocean, and ideas flow from my mind as freely as waves break upon the shore. My only fear being that I may never sleep again if my mind is stimulated any more than it is currently. 😉

I figure if I adopt a holiday lifestyle, there will never be a need for me to venture too far from home. Although, I think it’ll take more than a change of location to stifle my desire and passion for discovering new places.

The decision is tough, and one I still have time to make. In the meantime I’ve been making  a list of pros and cons to help narrow down the choices. I’m sure when the right place comes along I will know. In the meantime I am lucky to have five acres and a beautiful house in the Hills.

Life is good, and still some decisions are more tricky than others.

Renee x


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