Writing Prompt Wednesday!


Double Edged Sword

More often than not with love comes heartache. That’s not to say happily ever afters don’t happen, but sometimes out hero and heroine need to work to reap their reward.

I am going to share something with you that may evoke an idea…or it may not…September 14 is just a date, right? To some yes, but to others it’s not just any date, it’s one of significance.

What does September 14 mean to you? For me it marks two memorable  moments in my life, both of which resulted in being broken…many years ago, when my fiancé was sick, September 14 was to be the day I married who I thought was going to be the love of my life. Deep into his treatment the day was postponed and never took place. Eighteen years later September 14 marks the day I said hey to someone who, at the time I didn’t realise, I would fall in love with…

This is where the double edged sword comes into play…true love is an exquisitely pure emotion. But when the bubbles of beauty burst and the darkness descends, the pain like a double edged sword exceeds childbirth…trust me, I’ve given birth to four babies and I’d take ten labours over one shattered heart…

Can you think of a significant time in your life when the line between pleasure and pain became such a blur you failed to see where one began and the other ended? Draw on those emotions. Compare and contrast. Sift through until you can separate the light from the dark and, writing from the heart, craft a story to elicit conflicting emotions.

Happy writing.

Renee x


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