Dream Retreat…In A Treehouse!


I have often considered applying for a writer’s residency program, but when it comes to submitting the application I chicken out.

Today, scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I stumbled upon the opportunity to apply for a writing residency in a treehouse, in Switzerland. For me, this would be the ultimate experience, and never before have I been so tempted to apply.

Isolation is not something I get a lot of, having four children and being the social creature that I am. A manuscript, close to my heart, I am yet to complete would be the perfect project for the experience. The story is developed and wanting to come out, but I am mindful of how deep to delve into the emotional state that is required when I have children who need me present and at my most balanced.

I have ten days until closing date…ten days to put together an application worthy of consideration…and ten days to find the brave, hidden deep within, to take the plunge and follow my heart…

I’ll let you know how I go!

Renee x


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