Making Up For Lost Time!


2016 started with a bang, but by the end of March is began to slip at a dramatic rate, only to hit rock bottom by May.

I can’t believe how a broken heart can take so long to heal, how so much time and opportunity can be wasted in the meantime. My emotional state wreaks havoc on my writing. Shattered did little for my work’s in progress, so my progress was stalled.

On Friday I sent a message that, for some strange reason, provided me with closure once and for all. The fabulous thing about being a Taurus is that once we set our mind on something we are too stubborn to give in, even to ourselves.

For the past two days my thoughts have shifted and my characters have claimed back my focus. Story lines are becoming clear, for four books, which doesn’t come without challenges, and I am writing up a storm.

I have three months left of this year, and I plan on making up for the six months I wasted. I will never get that time back, but I learnt so much about what I will never allow into my life again, and that, in its own warped way, is a gift.

Here’s to finishing the year with a bang!

Renee x


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