Onset of Exhaustion!


Since I returned from London my life has been thrown into a crazy spiral of ups and downs…there were times I’m sure it even went sideways.

Burning the candle at both ends I have been working overtime to bring my social media reach back to where it was before some most unfortunate circumstances saw me plummet to the deep pits of Facebook’s lost and rarely found.

Being an author is not as simple, and I use this term loosely because anyone who has written a book knows there is nothing simple about it, as producing a book. With so much choice for readers, being seen is often an authors biggest battle.

Social media covers a broad spectrum to spread the word of your existence, and is a great way to communicate  with readers and receive feedback. Without it, or when it is working against you instead of with you it makes being an ePublished author one of the least rewarding jobs ever.

For months I have been working on building my reach back to where it was before I left London to no avail. I will never admit defeat, because with or without it I will continue to do what I love most…write. After countless nights, for months, working until two or three in the morning, averaging fours hours of sleep a night, I will admit that, today, I am exhausted.

Renee x 


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