Madness And Mayhem!


Do you ever have those days that start out more productive than expected and somewhere along the way turn disaster? That about sums up today for me.

I had a plan, which is never a good start as I work better in chaos, I guess the universe knew better and delivered what I was used to.

Before I took my youngest off to school I managed to clear my inbox and tackled all pressing social media notifications for all three author profiles. I snuck in a quick five hundred words of a WIP and I cooked dinner for my daughter, who is house sitting and had to leave home by nine. She dances until late, so I like to know she is coming home to a substantial meal. I then made devilled chicken and salad wraps, and apple pie for school lunches as well as a cooked breakfast for my son, which helps him stay focused, according to statistics.

Now, I’m not a morning person, so this is good going for me. With a load of washing done and the dishwasher stacked and running the cycle, I left, dressed, hair done and make up on so I could race to the shops after the school run for some fresh fruit for my daughter to take before she left the house. I got home at five to nine, packed an esky for her and then set out again for a manicure and  a session at the gym…that’s when the downhill spiral began.

As soon as I walked in to my regular nail place they informed me that my guy was not in today, come back tomorrow. I smiled and left knowing I had driven half an hour for no reason, so I  headed back to my car…after being distracted by a cute dress in the shop window that I bought, and a new fragrance because I wanted something lighter for summer…my gym class awaited, so I didn’t linger in the shopping centre for too long.

Thirty eight degrees in Perth was the reason the underground car park resembled a furnace. I slid into my car, after weaving through traffic and witnessing too many instances of road rage for the short distance I had walked, relieved to be leaving the mayhem. Now, I don’t know what I did because I’m not so good with cars, but my car didn’t start on my first attempt, or any attempt after that. So that was the end of leaving the shopping centre. At this point you’re probably curious whether my car is a rundown bomb ready for retirement…nope, a new Holden up-to-date on services. No matter the type or age, it still wasn’t going to start.

I sat for a while, half roasted, then tried again. Nothing.

All I can say is I’m glad I decided to take my computer with me so I could give my car time to reconsider starting. I seriously didn’t know what else to do, and I didn’t have anyone I could call. I’ve never bothered with roadside assistance because my ex is a mechanical fitter and he previously would have come to my rescue.

Coffee, cake and writing seemed a reasonable alternative to the gym session I was then missing, so I headed to a cafe across the road. Not even five minutes after my order arrived, with earplugs in, music blaring, and fingers tapping on the keyboard, hero material sat down at the table next to me. A neighbouring tall, dark and handsome isn’t a hardship when writing a romance…makes for an easy flow of words.

With over one thousand words written I left the cafe, and Mr. Too Good-looking, behind determined to start my car. It had other ideas and messed me around for a little longer, then started as normal.

The twists and turns made for a rather productive day…fingers crossed when I set out tomorrow for a manicure and gym class my car doesn’t decide to be so temperamental as it was today.

I hope the start to your week was fabulous!

Renee x 


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