Winning Streak!


NaNoWriMo in 2016 was my biggest challenge yet, I’m not going to lie.

November has become my month for starting newbie novels. Sitting in a chair and not moving until my word count climbs beyond 50,000 words…the higher the better.

Since May, finding my voice and focusing my attention on one novel at a time has been more difficult than usual. Confidence plays an enormous role in overcoming the doubt that most authors suffer, stripped of confidence results in a lack of productivity, and that’s where I was sitting.

Then, yesterday I attended a talk with the awesome Fiona McIntosh. Not only is she a brilliant author and mentor, but a beautiful and honest lady. Her faith in me and my ability, and after a truly inspiration morning spent listening and chatting about her stunning latest release, The Chocolate Tin, saw me return home in a whole new light.

I am so grateful I took the opportunity to see Fiona yesterday when I was tempted to stay home and keep tapping away at the keys, making slow progress. Instead, when I sat down at my computer after such a blissful morning, my word count climbed at a rate that made me smile.

Last night I went to bed, before midnight, content not only for managing to conquer 50,000 words in a month, but because of the awesome connections I have made in an industry that I love.

I’m delighted to finish an emotionally challenging year on a high note and hope December wraps up 2016 perfectly for you too.

Renee x


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