Contemporary Fiction


Over the years I have been writing two genres under the one banner, contemporary and dark paranormal romance. As a writer I love the diversity, however, I’m mindful that for a reader this may not be so appealing, especially for those joining me on Facebook and Twitter.

As a clear way to differentiate between the two, my contemporary romance and women’s fiction novels will now fall under the banner of my pseudonym, Brenna Darcy.

Previous and new contemporary titles will be available over the coming months. Rustic Charm will be published under the same title with a revamped cover. Pathways, on the other hand, will revert back to my original title of ‘The Pact’ ~ more fitting with the storyline ~ and a new cover will be issued. For information on release dates, freebies and more, visit me at

Thank you for your understanding and your support over the years, I look forward to sharing many more adventures with you.

❤ Renee x

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Winning Streak!


NaNoWriMo in 2016 was my biggest challenge yet, I’m not going to lie.

November has become my month for starting newbie novels. Sitting in a chair and not moving until my word count climbs beyond 50,000 words…the higher the better.

Since May, finding my voice and focusing my attention on one novel at a time has been more difficult than usual. Confidence plays an enormous role in overcoming the doubt that most authors suffer, stripped of confidence results in a lack of productivity, and that’s where I was sitting.

Then, yesterday I attended a talk with the awesome Fiona McIntosh. Not only is she a brilliant author and mentor, but a beautiful and honest lady. Her faith in me and my ability, and after a truly inspiration morning spent listening and chatting about her stunning latest release, The Chocolate Tin, saw me return home in a whole new light.

I am so grateful I took the opportunity to see Fiona yesterday when I was tempted to stay home and keep tapping away at the keys, making slow progress. Instead, when I sat down at my computer after such a blissful morning, my word count climbed at a rate that made me smile.

Last night I went to bed, before midnight, content not only for managing to conquer 50,000 words in a month, but because of the awesome connections I have made in an industry that I love.

I’m delighted to finish an emotionally challenging year on a high note and hope December wraps up 2016 perfectly for you too.

Renee x

Writing Prompt Wednesday!


~ Parenthood ~

With more majesty than the dawn of a new day is the first time you hold your baby in your arms.

For nine months you have waited, watching growth through belly size, images of stages in books, and ultrasound. All that time you have been willing your unborn to arrive safe and sound, with five perfect little fingers and five perfect little toes.

Sleep you’ll sacrifice – social life as you’ve known it too, and all for the tiny little bundle you hold in your arms. That perfect little bundle now completes the picture you, and the love of your life, had drawn.

Parenthood begins with an act and results in a bliss like you’ve never known before…share your experience, be it through imagination or real life events, invite your reader to enjoy this moment with you.

Happy writing.

Renee x 

Out of The Hills!


Since I was eighteen I have lived in the Perth Eastern Hills, the area in which I grew up and swore never to return.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful part of Perth, but…with wide open spaces and the closest neighbour a kilometre away, claustrophobic is how I feel. Now that may not make a lot of sense to you, so I’ll explain how I’ve come to this conclusion.

Ultimately I am a people person. I love the hustle and bustle of city living, the convenience of cafe’s around every corner, shopping centres just five minutes away. Spur of the moment decisions can be made and you’re in the heart of activity, if you so desire.

Living in the hills means schedules…planning in advance, or else time slips away and your four walls is where you stay. Whilst you may have space for an impressive entertaining area and a swimming pool of olympic size, unless you fill that space with family and friends the atmosphere is not the same.

Relaxed, quiet and isolated may sound like bliss, but having lived the lifestyle for most of my life, I feel caged.

For ten days I am housesitting for my sister, writing time for me and a break from the hills.  I can’t describe the sense of freedom I feel being so close to the beach, to Fremantle, to human life. The atmosphere is alive with each breath I inhale.

I have always wanted to move to Melbourne, toyed with the idea of London, even if only for six months, but this week I discovered that Perth still has its possibilities. I am no hills girl, never have been despite where I chose to live…a change of location is on the horizon, and I can’t wait to make it happen.

❤  Renee x

Madness And Mayhem!


Do you ever have those days that start out more productive than expected and somewhere along the way turn disaster? That about sums up today for me.

I had a plan, which is never a good start as I work better in chaos, I guess the universe knew better and delivered what I was used to.

Before I took my youngest off to school I managed to clear my inbox and tackled all pressing social media notifications for all three author profiles. I snuck in a quick five hundred words of a WIP and I cooked dinner for my daughter, who is house sitting and had to leave home by nine. She dances until late, so I like to know she is coming home to a substantial meal. I then made devilled chicken and salad wraps, and apple pie for school lunches as well as a cooked breakfast for my son, which helps him stay focused, according to statistics.

Now, I’m not a morning person, so this is good going for me. With a load of washing done and the dishwasher stacked and running the cycle, I left, dressed, hair done and make up on so I could race to the shops after the school run for some fresh fruit for my daughter to take before she left the house. I got home at five to nine, packed an esky for her and then set out again for a manicure and  a session at the gym…that’s when the downhill spiral began.

As soon as I walked in to my regular nail place they informed me that my guy was not in today, come back tomorrow. I smiled and left knowing I had driven half an hour for no reason, so I  headed back to my car…after being distracted by a cute dress in the shop window that I bought, and a new fragrance because I wanted something lighter for summer…my gym class awaited, so I didn’t linger in the shopping centre for too long.

Thirty eight degrees in Perth was the reason the underground car park resembled a furnace. I slid into my car, after weaving through traffic and witnessing too many instances of road rage for the short distance I had walked, relieved to be leaving the mayhem. Now, I don’t know what I did because I’m not so good with cars, but my car didn’t start on my first attempt, or any attempt after that. So that was the end of leaving the shopping centre. At this point you’re probably curious whether my car is a rundown bomb ready for retirement…nope, a new Holden up-to-date on services. No matter the type or age, it still wasn’t going to start.

I sat for a while, half roasted, then tried again. Nothing.

All I can say is I’m glad I decided to take my computer with me so I could give my car time to reconsider starting. I seriously didn’t know what else to do, and I didn’t have anyone I could call. I’ve never bothered with roadside assistance because my ex is a mechanical fitter and he previously would have come to my rescue.

Coffee, cake and writing seemed a reasonable alternative to the gym session I was then missing, so I headed to a cafe across the road. Not even five minutes after my order arrived, with earplugs in, music blaring, and fingers tapping on the keyboard, hero material sat down at the table next to me. A neighbouring tall, dark and handsome isn’t a hardship when writing a romance…makes for an easy flow of words.

With over one thousand words written I left the cafe, and Mr. Too Good-looking, behind determined to start my car. It had other ideas and messed me around for a little longer, then started as normal.

The twists and turns made for a rather productive day…fingers crossed when I set out tomorrow for a manicure and gym class my car doesn’t decide to be so temperamental as it was today.

I hope the start to your week was fabulous!

Renee x 

Taking Time Out!


During the winter months I take advantage of wet days, and cold nights. Curled up on the couch in front of the wood fire I write up a storm, rarely stopping to eat. But, during the summertime I’m easily distracted.

You may have guessed by now, if you follow my blog, that my social life revolves heavily around food and delicious wines. I dine out a lot, with friends or with my children. I’m not so much into dining alone, at least not in the evening.

One of my favourite local places is the Noble Falls Estate, located in the Perth Eastern Hills. The food is delicious, wine exquisite, and the staff friendly. Sunday afternoon brings in a crowd, and with live music, paths to take a walk along and parkland to kick a ball, what more could you want.

This coming week I am taking a break from the Hills and the responsibilities that come with being a mum, and I’m heading to Fremantle for ten days. Within walking distance of the beach and cafe strip, I am looking forward to abandoning the kitchen and having someone else cook for me every night. I’m guessing that by the time I get home I will be so practised at eating alone I won’t think twice about it in the future.

No matter what, I intend to enjoy taking time out to do little more than write. The ultimate indulgence for me…even more than hot chocolate. 😉

Renee x

Lessons From A Lie!


I often ask myself why it is that some people get off on tearing others down, or behaving in a manner that is no less than cruel. I always thought that gain of some description would drive them to this sort of behaviour, yet my experience has taught me that there are some disturbingly twisted personalities in the world who thrive on inflicting turmoil.

My most recent experience with someone who lured me to love when they had no intention of loving me in return, and made plans they had no intention of keeping, has taught me that this world needs more who are true and less who hide behind the mask of disguised lies.

It also made me think about what I could do to help others, to let them know that there are people in this world who care. People who want to put a smile on the face of a stranger instead of making someone feel as though they will never smile again.

I was blessed to grow up in a household of talented sewers who taught me, from five years old, to craft from fabric whatever I believed possible. I have made everything from wedding dresses and replicas gowns from Gone With The Wind to casual wear, costumes, soft furnishings, toys and even theatre props.

With my super talented mum, we are in the process of making patchwork quilts for the homeless, in hope to warm more than the heart of others in need.

I hope someone in your life makes it their mission to make you smile from the inside, out.

❤ Renee x



Nothing beats those moments when you are feeling down and a friend steps up to make you smile. Completely unexpected and wanting nothing in return. These are the kinds of people I am lucky to have in my life and for that I am grateful.

This year has been tough. Some moments have been the most memorable and exciting of my life, others shattered me. But, last night my mood shifted to one of such sadness that inflicted physical pain like I’d never felt before. Nope, I don’t suffer depression, my heart goes out to those who do, but sometimes I do feel down.

Then, out of the blue, from someone completely unexpected, I received a series of messages that soothed the pain, made me smile and turned my night around.

Today I have blown my word count reader through the roof, the words have flown onto the page at a rate I nearly couldn’t keep up with. Another reason to smile…like a snowball reaction, the smiles keep on coming and this pleases me to no end!

I hope the people around you give you reason to smile when you struggle to find reason on your own.

Love and hugs, and a fabulous weekend to you.

Renee x 


Onset of Exhaustion!


Since I returned from London my life has been thrown into a crazy spiral of ups and downs…there were times I’m sure it even went sideways.

Burning the candle at both ends I have been working overtime to bring my social media reach back to where it was before some most unfortunate circumstances saw me plummet to the deep pits of Facebook’s lost and rarely found.

Being an author is not as simple, and I use this term loosely because anyone who has written a book knows there is nothing simple about it, as producing a book. With so much choice for readers, being seen is often an authors biggest battle.

Social media covers a broad spectrum to spread the word of your existence, and is a great way to communicate  with readers and receive feedback. Without it, or when it is working against you instead of with you it makes being an ePublished author one of the least rewarding jobs ever.

For months I have been working on building my reach back to where it was before I left London to no avail. I will never admit defeat, because with or without it I will continue to do what I love most…write. After countless nights, for months, working until two or three in the morning, averaging fours hours of sleep a night, I will admit that, today, I am exhausted.

Renee x 

Writing Prompt Wednesday!



There are few places I find inspiring, one of them being the beach, and no time more romantic than when the sun dips beyond the horizon, a sacrifice for the moon to take her glory.

Do you stroll, holding the hand of one you love…or gather in a group, music pumping from the speakers and drink in hand…or frolic in the surf, tossing the ball for your canine friend?

The shoreside offers so many possibilities…feel the sand between you toes, the crisp salty air whipping the hair from the nape of your neck, and allow the experience to engulf you. Icy water kisses your ankles, enticing you to be as one with the massive body surrounding you, burying your feet as water retreats, preparing you for a new encounter…

What will it be? Where will it take you? Enjoy the experience and, as always…

Happy writing!

Renee x