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Over the years I have been writing two genres under the one banner, contemporary and dark paranormal romance. As a writer I love  the diversity, however, I’m mindful that for a reader this may not be so appealing, especially for those joining me on Facebook and Twitter.

As a clear way to differentiate between the two, my contemporary romance and women’s fiction novels will now fall under the banner of my pseudonym, Brenna Darcy.

Previous and new contemporary titles will be available over the coming months. Rustic Charm will be published under the same title with a revamped cover. Pathways, on the other hand, will revert back to my original title of ‘The Pact’ ~ more fitting with the storyline ~ and a new cover will be issued.  For information on release dates, freebies and more, visit me at

Thank you for your understanding and your support over the years, I look forward to sharing more adventures with you.

Renee x

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